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NAPA Year of the Arts: What’s that all about?

Some people are put off as soon as you say ‘The Arts’ but we are surrounded by art all of the time even if we don’t recognise it. Music playing in a shopping mall, statues in the park or a flower arrangement in a shop window are all pieces of Art.

For many people living in care settings connecting with the Arts brings pleasure, meaningful engagement and a celebration of all the best things in life.

This year NAPA wants to encourage greater recognition of the value of the Arts and the benefits of getting involved. We will be showing the way by promoting the diversity of the arts that are available. Everything from letter writing to clay modelling, cake decorating to book clubs: we want to showcase them all.

We will be arranging some events during the year that we hope everyone will be able to join in with and enjoy.

To get things started we have launched the Best ‘Year of the Arts’ Care Setting Award so have a look at our website for the details www.napa-activities.co.uk/whatson

Here are some ideas to help get you started:

Table Cloth Arthttps://napa-activities.co.uk Project
Flower Tea Pot
Sing Song
Armchair Yoga
Flower Art
Name that star



In the Autumn Issue of The Activity Providers Magazine, we invited members to write a short story for a competition. We had some great stories sent in, it was a tough choice to pick the winning one.

The winning story was written by residents from Caldy Manor Care Home, Barchester. They wrote a fantastic story called ” The Great Caldy Caper”. 

Click here to read all the stories we received, including the winning story


The Lantern Project: shining a light on food in aged care

The Lantern Project aims to improve mealtime and dining experiences for residents in aged care settings, in response to the unacceptably high levels of malnutrition among older Australians, particularly those with dementia. Project founder and dietitian Cherie Hugo explains ………..                                                                           Click here to visit The Australian Journal of Dementia Care website & read the full article


Things to do

+ Issue 3 – 2019  Click to download

+ Issue 2 – 2019  Click to download

+ Issue 1 – 2019  Click to download

+ Issue 4 – 2019  Click to download

+ Issue 3 – 2018 Click to download

+ Issue 2 – 2018 Click to download

+ Issue 1 – 2018 Click to download

+ Issue 4 – 2018 Click to download

+Issue 3 – 2017   Click to download

+Issue 3 – 2017   Click to download

+ Issue 2 –  2017  Click to download

+ Issue 1 – 2017 Click to download 

+ Issue 4 – 2017 – Click to download

+ Issue 3 – 2016Click to download

+ Issue 2 – 2016Click to download

+ Issue 1 – 2016Click to download


+ Issue 5 – 2016Right Royal Special Issue – Click to download

+ Issue 4 – 2015Click to download

+ Issue 3 – 2015 – Click to download

+ Issue 2 – 2015 – Click to download

+ Issue 1 – 2015 – Click to download 

+ Issue 4 – 2014 – Click to download

+ Issue 3 – 2014Click to download

+ Issue 2 – 2014Click to download



Airedale Social Movement is a project which encourages community engagement within care homes.  

Download the toolkit which will give you guidance on making your care home a part of your local community here:



Download the poster & letter templates which will allow you to advertise for volunteers & activities in their care homes & to write to community organisations:




cARTrefu, which means to reside in Welsh, is a four year programme run by Gwanwyn which aims to improve access to quality arts experiences for older people in residential care.

Between 2015 and 2017 Age Cymru recruited 16 professional artists in four different fields: Performing Arts, Visual Arts, Words and Music. These artists each delivered eight 8-week residencies across the length and breadth of Wales, introducing a mix of established art forms and new activities residents may not have had the chance to experience before.

cARTrefu has been a huge success and over the past two years our artists have delivered over 1,000 art workshops in care homes around Wales. Age Cymru was able to offer these workshops entirely for free due to the generous support from the Arts Council of Wales and the Baring Foundation.

cARTrefu has designed an activity pack for care homes, based on the work our first cARTrefu team of artists developed in care homes. The activity pack feature 20 simple but effective activities for care home staff to run with residents and are free to all care homes in Wales.

To obtain your free pack, please get in touch with cARTrefu Project Coordinator Reg Noyes – alternatively, you can download a digital copy of the pack from the Age UK website – Click here to find out more         



Activity Ideas                                                          NAPA Training Events

NAPA Challenge Ideas


+ Trinidad & Tobago Coconut Bake – Click to download
+ Missi Roti – Click to download
+ Masala Mathri – Click to download
+ Maple Scented Canada Day Texture Dough – Click to download
+ Mandazi African Doughnuts – Click to download
+ Louise Cake Slice – Click to download
+ Lamingtons – Click to download
+ Iced Rooibos Tea with Raspberries – Click to download
+ Hokey Pokey Biscuits – Click to download
+ Ginger and Lemongrass Iced Tea – Click to download
+ Crackly Banana Bread – Click to download
+ Coconut Ice – Click to download
+ Cheesy Baked Plantains with Chilli – Click to download
+ Countries in the Commonwealth –Click to download
+ A4-Size-Elephant-Coloring-Sheets – Click to download

Useful Tools 

+ My Life Now and Then – Click to download
+ Audit Tool – Personal Self Audit – Click to download
+ Audit Tool – Whole Home Audit – Click to download

NAPA Open Training Sessions – Click to download

NAPA appreciates the challenge that the care sector faces of providing meaningful activities to the ever increasing frail, dependant individual, one who may also be living with dementia. Also to provide an “outstanding” service is the aim of every care setting, not an easy task but with the right guidance, achievable.

With this in mind NAPA has developed a training day, specifically aimed at the activity coordinator, care staff, and management staff. The morning session (9.30am – 12.30pm) will concentrate on adapting activities for different abilities and the afternoon session (1.00-4pm) will explore best practice around CQC quality ratings and activity provision.  Come for one or both sessions the choice is yours! We only have 30 places at each session, so get your applications in quickly to avoid disappointment.

Australia Day – Friday 26th January 2018

+ Australia Day Welcome –  Click to download
+ Australia Quiz – Click to download
+ Waltz in Matilda – Click to download
+ KOOKABURRA SONG- Click to download
+ Horizontal Let’s visit Australia template – Click to download
+ Vertical – Let’s visit Australia – Click to download
+ Wanted poster – Click to download
+ Australia in Words – Click to download
+ Activities for Australia Theme – Click to download
+ 101 things to do – Click to download
+ Create your own Orange Tea light holders – Click to download
+ Herbal Scent Tea Party – Click to download
+ Mini Christmas Cakes – Click to download
+ Poinsettia Serviette Ring – Click to download
+ Mullied Wine – Click to download
+ Chocolate Chip & Ginger Cookie Cups – Click to download
+ Lemon Shortbread Cookies – Click to download
+ Coffee Pecan Pound Cake – Click to download
+ Cheddar & Rosemary Shortbread – Click to download

+ Scrabble Letters – Click to download
+ Sequin Angels – Click to download
+ Snow Globe Cupcakes With Gelatine Bubbles – Click to download
+ Stain Glass Windows – Click to download
+ Sweetie Snowmen – Click to download
+ DIY Painted Feathers – Click to download
+ How to dry citrus fruit – Click to download
+ Scented Gingerbread play dough – Click to download
+ Apple Pie Bites – Click to download
+ Lemon Drizzle Tray Bake – Click to download
+ Apple Pie Sensory Dough – Click to download
+ Cinnamon Apple Crisps – Click to download

Recommended Reading

Continuing Professional Development

Gaining a qualification is only the start of the journey to continually improve working practices. Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is important to support best practice and to develop as an individual.

In this section there are articles that can be used as part of the reading requirement for CPD for all students who have completed their Activity Worker or Activity Leader qualifications and wish to stay on the appropriate registers. The articles also make interesting reading for anyone involved in the care sector.

If you would like more information on how to become a NAPA registered Activity Worker or Activity Leader, or need a record sheet, please contact: info@napa-activities.co.uk

+ Pets Make Us Happy – Pets Make Us Happy
+ The Friendly Bench – The Friendly Bench
+ Benchmarking Good Practice Booklet – Click to download
+ Connect with us- Dementia services – Click to download
+ How is that person spending their day – Click to download
+ Non Verbal Communication – Click to download
+ Nothing Ventured Nothing Gained – Risk Guidance for people with Dementia – Click to download
+ Reminiscence and life history – Click to download
+ Reviewing Care Plans in light of recent Care Laws on Deprivation of Liberty    Living Life Autumn 2014 – Click to download
+ Soap Box- Doll Therapy Living Life Winter 2014 – Click to download
+ Soap Box- Funded or Fundraising to support Activity Provision Living Life Summer 2015 – Click to download
+ Soap Box- Individual Activities Living Life Autumn 2014 – Click to download
+ Soap Box- Why do we always want something new Living Life Spring 2015 – Click to download
+ Stokes Moments – Click to download
+ Providing Activities for People with Dementia- Click to download
+ Expert by Experience – Living Life Spring Issue 4 (2017)– Click to download
+ How Tribal are you? –  Click to download
+ Blue Cow Concept – Click to download

Unilever Download

+ Getting Publicity for your Care Setting- UFS – Click to download

Poetry Corner

These poems have been sent in by NAPA Members, click the title of the poem to download.

Somebody Smiled at me Today
Spring Poem
Summer Poem
Poems by Sammy
The Queen

+ Successful Activity Ideas for people living with Dementia (Conference 2015) – Click to download

+ Promoting Activity, Independence and Stability in Early Dementia (PrAISED) Click to find out more

Right Royal Street Party Ideas

+ Filled Brioche Centrepiece –  Click to download
+ Getting the Community into Care Settings – Click to download
+ Jelly Bean Juibilee Union Jack Cake – Click to download
+ Make This Sweet Homemade Rose Petal Potpourri – Click to download
+ Mexican Street Food – Click to download
+ Mini Fish n Chips in newspaper cones – Click to download
+ Mini Yorkshire puds with roast beef – Click to download
+ Photo Booth printables – Click to download
+ Photobooth ideas – Click to download
+ Rainbow Button Cake Decorations – Click to download
+ Tea Party Cake – Click to download
+ Union Jack Sponge Cake – Click to download
+ Welsh Rarebit – Welsh Rarebit
+ White peach and elderflower jellies – Click to download


Here are a few great videos demonstrating meaning engagement. If you have any suggestions of others please do let us know.