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In my handbag you will find…

My favourite red lippy

A soggy dog lead

An embroidered handkerchief with ‘J’ for Janie

Receipts – lots,  including one for a jumper I shouldn’t have bought!

A pack of tissues

My favourite pen

Keys for everywhere


A matchbox with your telephone number written on it,  from the day we first met

Hand sanitiser

Crumpled tickets to who knows where

Might not seem much to show for a lifetime of love, laughter, loss, work, friendship,  family,  laughter,  dreams,  ups and down and in-betweens

But if you look closely

You might just see

Glimmers and insights

A picture of Me.


Have a go at creating your own list poem. We created this at The NAPA Team Virtual Christmas get-together last week. We were all asked to list something that we would find at the bottom of our handbags.

You could get creative with your lists,*:

What would you find on the beach?

What do you have in your top drawer?

What is in your pocket?

The list is endless!


Have fun, we would love to hear how you get on, email your list poems to