About NAPA

The National Activity Providers Association is the UK’s leading activity and engagement charity.

We support care services to prioritise wellbeing and promote activity, arts, and engagement.

Our Vision

A UK where activity and engagement is an integral part of care provision, where people live content, creative and connected lives.

Our Mission

To advance the role of the Activity Provider by offering professional development opportunities that enhance knowledge, skills, and confidence.

We Value

The uniqueness of every person and their right to a meaningful conversation every day

  • The right to person-centred meaningful engagement with choice and control over how they spend their time
  • Activity provision which is respectful, creative, innovative and meaningful supported by skilled professionals

Championing Activity Provision for 25 years 

NAPA was founded in 1997 with the objective of promoting activity provision in care homes for older people, we have since extended our reach and now support all care services across the sector to prioritise wellbeing.

Our Professional Development Services include:

  • Qualifications and Training, Information and Advice, Resources and Projects that equip Activity Providers to engage the people they support.
  • Our services are informed by our 3,000+ members; care services supporting adults with care and support needs.

We are committed to raising the profile of Activity Providers and supporting them in their professional practice.