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Contact Name: Debbie Carroll or Mark Rendell Telephone: 002380 685 193 or 01766 530 824

Culture change is at the heart of our work to enable increasingly active and meaningful engagement with the outside space. Here are some of the ways we can help:

Culture change consultants and trainers
Management-focused materials and support
Care Culture Map and Handbook
Garden Design advice and guidance
Appropriate and achievable outdoors/garden activities specific to your care culture practices
Workshops and Presentations
Research publications and articles

We offer workshops, consultations and design support based on our research into why gardens in care settings are not more actively used even when designed to the latest guidance. We identified the key role of care culture, its practices, processes and attitudes, in influencing engagement levels with the garden.

Our thought-provoking and interactive, CPD accredited workshops explore many ways to create more meaningful engagement for residents outdoors.

Our full research findings can be found in ‘The Care Culture Map & Handbook’ tool which supports a home’s culture change journey towards greater person-centred care.

They are nationwide.

104 Newtown Road,
Southampton, SO19 9HQ