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We are delighted to be launching our partnership with Famileo and to support NAPA Members to introduce this wonderful resource into their care services.

The gazette is a tool for Activity Providers that enables connections between individuals and their friends and family.

Each individual receives a printed gazette tailored to them with news from their families and friends, so they stay connected and informed.

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Boost interaction between
your residents, their families and your teams

A family gazette that will bring joy to your residents

Thanks to the Famileo application, the whole family can send news to their loved one with just a few clicks. In turn, Famileo gathers all the photos and messages and lays them out in the form of a personalised paper gazette. All you have to do is print them out and hand them out like mail.

What a joy for your residents to feel surrounded by their, often distant, children and grandchildren! The gazette will also become a new source of interaction between your residents and your whole team.

The Famileo Gazette: happiness you can hold. A wonderful way to support connection and encourage conversation.

Hilary WoodheadExecutive Director

“We are happy to show our support to NAPA’s incredible work and to contribute to providing helpful resources to Activity Coordinators”

Armel de LesquenCo-founder of Famileo

Additional Features to Value Your Work!


With Famileo available on mobile, tablet or computer, communicating with resident’s families is simple.. Sharing photos of an event, an outing, an everyday moment, your activity schedules… has never been easier. Thanks to the “community wall”, families can look up all the latest news on Famileo, and rediscover their loved one’s day-to-day despite the distance.

Plus, a tool to edit your internal newsletter!

Here we share feedback from fans of Famileo

“It has given the residents something to look forward to”.

“Residents love it, families love it, we love it, it is just a great way to stay in contact for everybody”.

“If I can do it… anybody can do it!”