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Tea Tuesday is a monthly event designed to provide practitioners with an opportunity to stop, have a cuppa, and listen to enthusiastic leaders in their field chat about a range of topics related to activity and engagement. 

Tea Tuesday are free events – if you would like to make a small donation, perhaps the price of a cup of tea or coffee, in aid of our Activity Support Service; The NAPA Supportline, see how here.

We really appreciate your support.  Every donation, no matter how small makes a difference. 

Dr. Carrie Ryan


Carrie Ryan is a Lecturer in Biosocial Medical Anthropology in the Department of Anthropology at University College London. Her research, inspired by her many years of work experience as an Activities Coordinator in the US, explores the vital role social activities play in older adult lives. Currently, Carrie also leads on a project at UCL called Ageing Playfully, which is an interdisciplinary investigation of the benefit of games and play in old age.

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Hilary Woodhead will chat to Dr. Carrie H. Ryan about bingo, games and playfulness.

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