Year of Creativity

The NAPA Year of Creativity 2022 is a national campaign to support the care sector to prioritise creativity, with the aim of improving psychological and social well-being.


NAPA defines creativity as activities and approaches that engage our imagination, enable individual expression and enhance wellbeing; and can include the visual and performing arts, drawing, painting, crafts, creative writing, poetry, music, dancing and photography, as well as creative approaches to other meaningful activities.

We invite creative partnerships. 

If your organisation would like to partner with us we would love to hear from you.


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Our partners make a significant difference to our work, and we would like to say a huge thank you to all the organisations that have chosen to work with us during the Year of Creativity. 

NAPA Tea Tuesday – What is Creativity Anyway?

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We are excited to announce that the campaign will be launched during the UK’s National Activity Professionals and Providers Week 24th-28th January 2022.


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Every Year NAPA announces a dedicated campaign that champions a specific area of activity and engagement



Moving and Grooving Resource

We were we were delighted to present the Year of Moving and Grooving 2021 award to Blenheim House Majesticare for their excellent contribution to the campaign.

We would also like to thank Susanne Syme who has been our Special Advisor for Physical Activity during this national campaign, we thank her for all her support and guidance.

Moving and Grooving was the theme of the following NAPA events; Move it May, the National Wellbeing Walk, the NAPA annual conference, the National Tea Dance..

Our last Moving and Grooving activity took place on the 4th December when we will wrap up warm, pop on our wellies and set out on our national sponsored walk in aid of the NAPA Helpline. If you would like to get involved you can find out more in our Winter Wellbeing Walk guide – here.  We would like to thank Burns Gym for sponsoring the guide and providing the warm up activity to get us moving and grooving and ready to walk!

Please note: – If you are planning to provide exercise as part of your physical activity programme we suggest seeking medical advice and ensuring the person leading the exercise is appropriately trained to do so, this can be a physiotherapist, registered exercise professional or fitness instructor, Activity Professional or other health and social care staff who have the qualifications, skills and experience to deliver exercise programmes. There are a range of specialist providers who can offer these activities and training programmes – visit the NAPA Recognised Supplier Directory for more information. Click HERE.