Affiliate Membership

Individual Activity Providers employed by NAPA member settings can register as an affiliate member free of charge and receive a range of associate support services. Click here to become an affiliate member.

Note: Affiliate members are activity providers working in a NAPA member setting

NAPA affiliate members can access the NAPA Members Digital Platform ‘The Shed’ – Here you will find everything you need to provide activity and engagement, it’s at your fingertips, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Affiliate members can also access: training, support, activity resources and opportunities to connect with other activity professionals

  • FREE training
  • FREE helpline service
  • FREE information and advice provided by skilled activity professionals
  • FREE phoneline
  • Out-of-hours email service
  • Closed virtual groups for exchanging ideas and offering support

Affiliate Members are also invited to:

  • Display their affiliate certificate
  • Enter the NAPA Member Activity Awards
  • Participate in research and service improvement projects
  • Induction eLearning course for all
  • Connect on social media platforms – e.g. Facebook support group for activity providers.
  • Free qualifications – this applies to large groups (terms and conditions apply) – contact us for more information
  • Free monthly reflective practice and support sessions

Affiliate Member Benefits

NAPA supports the sector to prioritise wellbeing by promoting the importance of activity,  arts  and engagement.

60% discount on the following professional development opportunities:

  • Qualifications in Supporting Activity Provision at Level 2 and Providing Activity Provision at Level 3 Consultancy services and bespoke activity providers training days
  • Join the NAPA Activity Providers Advisory Group
  • Access the Directory of NAPA Recognised Activity Suppliers

FREE Resources:

  • Quarterly digital magazine and activity resources/ideas
  • Members only access to The Shed on the website with activity-based articles, research, and useful information
  • NAPA News once a week with activity ideas, updates on events, and news across the care sector

Occasional special offers and discounts on:

  • Priority booking on NAPA Conferences and Open Training Days
  • Digital resources
  • NAPA shop

Note: Affiliate members are activity providers working in a NAPA member setting.