NAPA Announce 25th Anniversary Appeal

Can you support NAPA’s 25th Anniversary Appeal?

Donate to our charity and help us prioritise and improve wellbeing every day.

NAPA has been championing activity and engagement for 25 years – please help us to reach our goal of raising £25,000 in our 25th year.

How your support makes a real difference:

£5 could go towards helping to train more Activity Providers in key topic areas such as person-centred engagement and dementia or training family carers to use engagement techniques to find out more about our subsidised training programme. Click HERE

£10 could go towards funding the NAPA Activity Providers Advisory Group ensuring that the Activity Providers experience is at the heart of our work. To find out more about the APA Group. Email HERE

£20 could go towards providing more free learning resources such as those we have published recently Activities in Lockdown, Life Story and Reminiscence, Sensory Engagement and Planning celebrations and events. To access our free learning resources. Click HERE

£100 could go towards funding our successful annual Activity Providers and Professionals Week or our annual Awards Ceremony to find out more about the week click HERE and the Awards click HERE

£250 could go towards funding our free Activity Support Service; the NAPA support line for activity and care teams and family carers. To find out more about the NAPA support line. Click HERE

If you would like to organise your own fundraising event to support our 25th Anniversary Appeal that would be amazing! Please visit the fundraising pages of our website and download our latest fundraising guide HERE

How NAPA made an impact in 2020

11,527 activity and care staff used NAPA’s professional development services

20,000 followers connected across our social media platforms

96,209 social media contacts were made

510,000 communications were made across the NAPA News network

102 issues of the NAPA News were sent to 5,000 subscribers

896 Activity Providers gained NAPA Level 2 & Level 3 qualifications

2,893 Activity Providers completed NAPA eLearning programmes

1,498 enquiries were received by our FREE Activity Support Service; the NAPA Supportline

27,900 people attended NAPAs online events

Our 2021 Impact Report will be published in the summer of 2022.  Keep in touch HERE and we will send you our most recent impact data.

Please contact the fundraising team HERE for more information or to donate please click on the button below.

 Thank you – your support is crucial to our work.

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