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In celebration of NAPA’s 25th Anniversary

We are excited to announce the UK’s first ever

National Activity Providers and Professionals Week


The week is provided in partnership with NAAP (The National Association of Activity Professionals in the United States), Care England, NCF, and Scottish Care.

We will celebrate NAPA’s 25th Anniversary and launch NAPA’s National Campaign for 2022 – The NAPA Year of Creativity.

There will be a series of events across the week to celebrate and support Activity Providers, we welcome Activity Providers from the UK and the US to all the events which will culminate in an ABBAsolutley Fabulous online Party at 3pm GMT on Friday 28th January.

We believe it is time to recognise all the incredible contributions Activity Providers make to activity and engagement and say an enormous thank you!

Join us for a week of events, to celebrate Activity Providers and Professionals.


Click HERE to find out about the International Events you can attend