British Garden Birds Colouring Activity Book


The garden birds colouring activity book contains 10 full-colour images of birds that can be found in the UK.


Each coloured image is adjacent to a corresponding line drawing that may be coloured or painted, using the full-colour image as a reference guide. This can help to make painting or colouring more accessible to all abilities. Each set of images is accompanied by fun facts about that particular bird, which can stimulate conversation, memory and/or cognition, or could form the basis of a group conversation or even quiz. At the back of the book there is recipes for making bird food and how to make a compost bin to aid the environment and wildlife. All of our books are made with high quality paper that can be coloured/painted with any medium of choice. The layout of each book allows for completed artwork to be removed if desired and a full-colour reference book with fun facts still remains.

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