Bright Old Sparks Quiz and Puzzle Book – Uniform


Uniforms are everywhere – but why? Certain jobs have always sported distinctive clothing, to make them appear special and to command respect; plus wearing uniform often feels glamorous! Although soldiers wore highly distinctive uniforms from before the Romans to the late Victorians, the military soon changed to camouflage to make them hard to see. In civilian life today, however, day-glow yellow, pink and orange uniforms are everywhere, making officials stand out and keeping workers safer. All these and more memories are in the ‘In Uniform’ issue.

Word-search, spot the difference, picture puzzles  crosswords, colouring in pictures, trail puzzles. plus  sudoku. Puzzles are  shown as easy medium and hard within each book as some days are better than others, it also means people can return to puzzles another day. The conversational starters are aimed to restart lost and stalled conversations and provide stimulation to aid memory and for reminiscence groups and family members to have fun with.

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