Taking part in a physical activity provides essential benefits for physical and mental health, improving balance, strength, agility and emotional wellbeing. The ReVitalyz programme gives Activity Providers the knowledge and skills to provide seated physical activities that can be enjoyed anytime and anywhere!

The ReVitalyz Programme – it’s history and NAPA’s involvement

In 2020 Zoe and Tony Duke; Managing Directors of Vitalyz Exercise Ltd, gifted their nationally recognised seated physical activity programme ‘ReVitalyz’ to NAPA. We were delighted to continue their important work and were excited to share the training programme with the sector, however the pandemic impacted on our plans to launch this face-to-face training programme. We reflected and decided that it was important that the time needed to be right.

We have now consulted with our members, reviewed and refreshed the programme and we are delighted to launch The NAPA ReVitalyz programme: Inclusive Physical Activity for all

At NAPA we believe that the starting point for inclusive physical activity must be the interests, preferences and needs of the people we support, we are here to support you to:

  • Get to know the people you support
  • Respect individual interests and preferences in terms of what is considered fun and enjoyable
  • Review current opportunities for physical activity
  • Assess the person’s level of engagement in physical activity
  • Learn new skills
  • Set realistic, achievable aims
  • Be creative
  • Select a theme
  • Plan ahead
  • Prepare well
  • Offer physical activities that are motivating
  • Break up the pattern of sitting for long periods
  • Create a positive atmosphere
  • Make the most of the environment and equipment available
  • Engage the person in the amount and type of physical activity that is right for them
  • Start slowly based on the persons abilities and fitness level
  • Start with short sessions to gauge interest
  • Accommodate a slower pace or seated position
  • Increase the intensity of physical activity gradually
  • Offer some sort of physical activity every day
  • Have a backup plan
  • Reflect
  • Persevere

To find out more about The NAPA ReVitalyz Programme: Inclusive physical Activity for all

contact NAPA: info@napa-activities.co.uk

If you are planning to provide exercise as part of your physical activity programme we suggest seeking medical advice and ensuring the person leading the exercise is appropriately trained to do so, this can be a Physiotherapist, Registered exercise professional or Fitness instructor, Activity Provider or other Health and Social Care Professional who has the qualifications, skills and experience to deliver exercise programmes.