Consultancy, Audits, Publications
and Research

Consultancy and Audit

We are keen to share our expertise and happy to quote for consultancy work. Some care settings prefer to invest in discussing their needs. We can offer support in areas such as assessing current activity provision, contribute to a training needs analysis or simply talk through issues with managers. We can also put you in touch with a number of members who offer specialist consultancy services.

We have also developed an Audit Service that can help you to look at your activity provision in a very structured way.

We negotiate the fees for these services based on the time required, location etc. Please contact the office to discuss your needs.


At NAPA we are always keen to work with others to improve the research evidence available. If this is an area that we can contribute to please do not hesitate to get in touch.


At NAPA we both create and promote books, publications and articles, in order to purchase these, please visit the NAPA Web Shop.

NAPA In-house training

We can offer training on a variety of activity related topics, please contact the NAPA office to book your training day.
The minimum number of delegates per day is 10, up to a maximum of 25.