Professional development enables us to develop our competence and our confidence

Engaging in professional development opportunities ensures your knowledge and skills are relevant and up to date, it can help you to plan your time and stay organised, and to reflect on your practice, making you more considered in your approach. There is always room for growth and improvement of professional skills.

Attending a NAPA conference, training day or webinar or reading one of our current resources can all provide you with new ways to sharpen your knowledge and skills. The more knowledge you gain of a specific skill set, the more confident you will be in your practice.

NAPA offers a range of support services including opportunities for professional development. From training and qualification programmes to specialist resources.


NAPA is endorsed by Skills for Care, which means that we have a mark of quality for learning and development, only given to the best learning and development in the adult social care sector.

We can evidence that we:

  • Support excellence
  • Have good processes in place
  • Deliver courses that are relevant and fit for purpose
  • Can prove that the people who’ve attended their courses are now delivering better care

The Activity Professional Pathway

The NAPA Activity Professional Pathway

NAPA is committed to raising the profile of activity provision, and the need for a professional approach.

In May 2021 NAPA launched the Activity Professional Pathway; the process leads the activity provider through the learning process, obtaining training and qualifications.

The steps include – activity provider induction, Activity Worker foundation, Activity Leader and then NAPA Recognised Activity Professional.

Look out for the Pathway logo as you navigate the Professional Development Pages of the NAPA website.

Follow the links below to take the first steps on your Professional Pathway!

Join us in January when we will celebrate the role and contributions of all Activity Providers and Professionals.

Find out more about National Activity Providers and Professionals Week in NAPA News- Sign up HERE

To discuss your professional development needs contact Sue Trischitta, NAPA’s Professional Development Manager:

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