The NAPA Conference will be held on the 15th June 2022. 

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Moving and Grooving – Prioritising Physical Activity in 2021   

Wednesday 16th June 2021


The NAPA Conference is an annual event which takes place in June every year. Last June we welcomed over 100 delegates to our first ever online conference, in celebration of our national Moving & Grooving campaign.

The Conference was a live event which explore the importance of physical activity in the lives of those we support.

There were presentations from industry specialists, with the opportunity to ask questions.

Specialist speakers and facilitators included:

  • Adam Baker – Suffolk County Council
  • Guy O’Donnell – National Dance Company Wales
  • Susanne Syme – NAPA Advisor Physical Activity 2021
  • Helen Core – Anchor Hanover
  • Stian Lavik, Solfrid Sagstad and Matt Archer – Motitech
  • Colleen Knudson – NAAP US
  • Douglas Noble – Live Music Now
  • Grace Meadows – Music for Dementia
  • Vic Rayner – National Care Forum

Interactive workshops offered inspiration for providing physical activities and practical interactive group sessions on yoga, dance, physical exercise and so much more!

We were delighted to welcome special guests

NAPA Year of Creativity

Conference 2022

Our next conference will take place on 15th June 2022 and will be a celebration of our national campaign for 2022 

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