eLearning at your Fingertips

NAPA defines eLearning as professional development opportunities that are specifically delivered through the internet, making the experience inclusive and accessible to all. We have introduced eLearning at NAPA to empower you to access learning (at your fingertips) that builds your knowledge and enhances your skills. Through eLearning, we encourage a self-paced training schedule. You can fit your learning into your life! During or after work, in the evening, on the weekends, or whenever you are free.

All you need is internet connection, computer or laptop, microphones, and headphones.

  • You can study with NAPA anytime and anywhere
  • You can access updated content when you want
  • eLearning is provided online so no need for papers like traditional learning
  • eLearning is environmentally friendly

eLearning available at NAPA

The following eLearning courses are free for NAPA member organisations and all their staff (one of your many membership benefits). If you are a NAPA member please email info@napa-activities.co.uk and we will send you the information to get your staff signed up. If you are not a NAPA member you will save money on these courses if you join NAPA. Find out more HERE

Starting Out – The NAPA Induction Course for Activity Providers

The purpose of this course is to explain the role of the activity provider so that everyone can appreciate the important contribution activity can make to the life of a care setting – whether through planned activities such as facilitating a group, or spontaneous activities, such as chatting with residents. This is an ideal course for a new activity provider, a helpful refresher for experienced activity providers or an essential part of the induction of all staff, enabling an understanding of the importance of activity provision for the individuals in your care.

The course covers:

  • Whole Home Approach
  • Make the Role Your Own
  • Best Practice
  • Activity Planning
  • Connecting with the Community
  • Assessment, Goals and Evaluation
  • Further Support
  • Golden Rules Do’s & Don’ts

The course has an element of assessment and each student that completes successfully will be able to print their certificate of achievement.

This course is free for current NAPA members

Course fee £149.99 per student, for non-members 

Or become a member for £99 and get this FREE!!

For non-members please Click HERE for the application form

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Activity and Engagement: Leading the Way

This course is for managers as they are the lynchpin of all good activity provision. We know many managers want to move the culture of care on from one that is task-driven to one that offers personalised care, activity and engagement. We hope this course will prove invaluable in helping you achieve that aim.

The course covers:

  • Activity: visions and roles
  • Activity budgets and resources
  • Planning and documenting activities
  • Making community links
  • Which way now?

For non-members please click below for the application form

Click here for the Activity and Engagement: Leading the Way application form

Course fee £199.99 per student, for non-members

Or become a member for £99 and get this FREE!!

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Infection Control for Care Workers

This course looks at the importance of infection prevention and control. You will learn about the dangers of infection and how it can spread as well as the use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and how to maintain good personal hygiene demonstrated by an interactive video in the course. Mapped to UK Core Skills Training Framework, Care Certificate and Health and Social Care Diploma Level 2.

Both courses have an element of assessment and each person that completes successfully will be able to print of their certificate of achievement.

Careshield are offering this course to NAPA members free of charge

Please email: info@napa-activities.co.uk for more information

"NAPA’s commitment to promoting creative and meaningful activities within care and support settings, makes all of us here at CareShield incredibly proud to announce our partnership. We are delighted that our innovative cloud-based workforce development platform Myrus will be delivering NAPA’s NEW eLearning offer."

Emma SweetloveHead of People – Careshield

"NAPA’s NEW eLearning offer has been developed in partnership with internationally recognised workforce development provider, Careshield. Experts in blended learning, Careshield has provided an interactive platform for staff to gather new knowledge in a innovative and interactive way. This course provides the necessary information required to begin to plan and provide person centred meaningful engagement and activity. We are sure you will find it accessible, interesting and helpful."

Hilary WoodheadExecutive Director – NAPA