Networks and Forums

NAPA believes that reflective practice and peer support are essential aspects of professional development. We provide networks and forums to encourage reflection in a supportive environment of peers with an experienced facilitator.

At NAPA we define reflective practice as ‘thinking about or reflecting on what we do, we encourage you to think about what you do in terms of activity provision, how you make it happen and what you might improve to develop your practice. Reflective practice is a conscious effort to think about work based practice and develop insights’.

We also believe in the importance of peer support. We define peer support as ‘people sharing their own experiences to help each other’.

There are different types of peer support, but they all aim to; bring people with shared or similar experiences together, to support each other and share their knowledge and skills.

In NAPA’s networks and forums everyone’s views and experiences are equally valued.  How much support you give and receive can vary depending on what feels right for you at the time, there is no pressure to contribute.

Our Networks and Forums

The Support and Share Network

The Support and Share Network is a network of Activity Providers who meet at a forum to connect and meet like-minded individuals.

The Support and Share Network meets online every third Monday of the month at 2pm via zoom. The forums are facilitated by our Professional Development Manager Sue Trischitta and our Wellbeing Support Manager Natalie Ravenscroft.  Both Sue and Natalie are skilled group facilitators with many years of experience in supporting Activity Providers and providing activities themselves.

At the Support and Share forum our facilitators encourage participants to share their experiences and support each other, drawing on their experience, skills and knowledge. A key aspect of the forum is to separate the group to enable confidential discussions. Forum members are also encouraged to share activity ideas and resources and enjoy a practical make and take session.

We welcome new members to this relaxed and informal forum which is open to all.  Each month the group will focus on a new theme and share good practice and practical ideas.

“I enjoy coming along and discovering new ideas”

“It’s nice to talk to people in the same role as myself and facing the same challenges, I love how relaxed the group is and, I have built up virtual connections because of this group”

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“I really enjoy making things, the best bit was the sock bunny I still have mine on my desk and it makes me smile!”

The NAPA Leaders Network

The Leaders Network brings together leaders from across the care sector with an interest, energy and enthusiasm for activity and engagement. We provide a quarterly briefing with updates on issues relating to best practice in activity provision and we aim to meet twice a year. If you are a senior manager in a care setting and your role involves overseeing the activity/lifestyle/wellbeing strategy for your service, we would love to include you. To find out more contact Hilary Woodhead NAPA’s Executive Director

Forum Consultancy

We provide consultancy that supports you to set up local and organisational forums, we can also attend your forums to present on themes and topics of interest. To find out more contact: