Arts in Care Homes

Arts in Care Homes is a five year programme, managed by NAPA and funded by The Baring Foundation and The Rayne Foundation.

There is a wealth of arts and cultural activities taking place in care homes across England. These range from everyday creative activities run by staff teams, to large scale arts projects such as A Choir in Every Care Home, artist-led sessions and partnerships with museums and galleries. We want to promote and celebrate existing arts activities and encourage more.

There is lots of research that proves that access to the arts makes care home residents happier and healthier. We believe that residents should be offered a wide range of arts activities, on a daily basis, to enhance their quality of life and increase wellbeing and motivation.

The Arts in Care Homes website is a user-friendly resource to help anyone putting on arts activities or develop arts projects for care settings. It includes information on different art forms; publications and toolkits; related research to help when filling in funding applications and details of organisations doing work in this field.

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During Covid-19 we have seen and experienced the importance of art and creativity in care settings, and the beneficial outcomes for all the participants. We want to continue to shine a light on the importance of this work, which has been increasingly vital during the pandemic.

Read our 2021 consultation with the care sector about a daily arts and cultural offer in all care settings here


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“I don’t know how we would have survived lockdown without art” 

Activity Co-ordinator

National Day of Arts in Care Homes

The National Day of Arts in Care Homes is an annual event that takes place on 24th September. Please get involved by organising a creative or cultural activity or event, big or small. It can be any art form – music, dance, painting, poetry, craft, drama or everyday creativity.

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