Care Home Friends and Neighbours (FaNs)

My Home Life was originally founded in 2006 at a time when widespread fear, stereotyping and uninformed media coverage portrayed care homes in a negative way. My Home Life wanted to focus more positively on care homes, sharing best practice and more inspirational stories of success.

Since then we have successfully created a strong social movement for quality improvement in care homes that has spread nationally and internationally.

My Home Life England, hosted by City University is one of 6 organisations that make up the My Home Life movement internally. Our vision remains one where care homes are:

Supported to deliver to their potential,

Valued and trusted by those who work with them and

Cherished by their local communities

We do this through working in three different areas. These are:

  • Training and Consultancy
  • Social Action
  • Research

Care Home Friends and Neighbours (FaNs) developed in partnership with the National Activity Providers Association (NAPA), working initially with nine local organisations throughout the UK and learning from a concept developed by My Home Life Essex Community Association. The idea is simple: People living in care homes are members of our local communities and deserve the same support and friendship that we might offer to other people living on our street.  The development of Care Home Friends and Neighbours with NAPA is one example of how the relationship between the two organisations is core to the work we do at My Home Life England and we learn from that relationship in many ways. We have recently co-designed and are facilitating a new Care Home FaNs programme together.

We are also currently hosting England’s largest intergenerational project – Care Home FaNs: Intergenerational Linking – in partnership with The Linking Network and you can find out more about My Home Life England and the work we do through our new website