Free Resources for All

It is very important to us that every practitioner and family carer has access to the resources they need to engage the people they support. All of our resources are therefore available either FREE of charge or at very low cost.

We are delighted to share the following resources free of charge:

  • The NAPA Calendar – An Activity for Everyday of the Year. Click here
  • Bits and Blogs – Guest blogs and updates from Specialist Practitioners on issues relating to activity and engagement. Click here
  • FREE Resources – Free publications focussing on a range of themes and topics to support the practice of Activity and Care Providers. Click here
  • Specialist Resources for Friends and Family – Free resources created to support friends and family members in engaging their loved one. Click here

NAPA specialises in providing professional development opportunities that support person centred activity and engagement; this includes resources to support and develop practice.

Our Specialist Resources are co-created with NAPA Members, Subscribers, Advisors and partner organisations.


We are grateful to all the contributors and sponsors whose support has enabled us to make these resources available for FREE download.


If you would like to support NAPA to continue to provide free resources then please visit our Get Involved page. Click HERE to find out more.


NAPA members can also access The Shed which hosts thousands of ideas, tools and tips to enable Activity and Engagement,

To become a NAPA Member and access The Shed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year – Click HERE.