NAPA Awards

Nominate Now for 2019
6th NAPA Awards 

Best “ Year of the Arts” Care Setting Award

Between the middle of January and the middle of June we want you to engage in at least 5 different art projects and tell us all about them. Check out the word cloud below for a few suggestions.

We want to see maximum engagement with the arts during this time, just think of all the fun you can have, dancing, singing, writing and making some wonderful creations. Be creative in your thinking!

Best Activity Coordinator Award

Nominating someone for an Award is the best possible way to publicly say how much you appreciate what they do.

Activity staff have many and varied titles so all are eligible for this award. We want to hear about someone who is innovative and creative in the way they meet the needs of the people they support in a very person centred way. They will be amazing at their job, have great community connections and go the extra mile to make a difference.