NAPA Year of the Arts:
What’s that all about?

Some people are put off as soon as you say ‘The Arts’ but we are surrounded by art all of the time even if we don’t recognise it. Music playing in a shopping mall, statues in the park or a flower arrangement in a shop window are all pieces of Art.

For many people living in care settings connecting with the Arts brings pleasure, meaningful engagement and a celebration of all the best things in life.

This year NAPA wants to encourage greater recognition of the value of the Arts and the benefits of getting involved. We will be showing the way by promoting the diversity of the arts that are available. Everything from letter writing to clay modelling, cake decorating to book clubs: we want to showcase them all.

We will be arranging some events during the year that we hope everyone will be able to join in with and enjoy.

To get things started we have launched the Best ‘Year of the Arts’ Care Setting Award so have a look at the NAPA Awards page for more information.

Year of the Arts Word Cloud